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What Is EIFS?

Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) are multi-component exterior wall systems which generally consist of: 1) an insulation board; 2) an adhesive and/or mechanical attachment of the insulation board to the substrate or existing wall surface; 3) a base coat reinforced with glass fiber mesh on the face of the insulation board; and 4) a finish coat which protects the entire system and can be applied in a wide variety of colors and textures.

A Proven Technology

EIFS is a composite exterior cladding made up of a seamless exterior insulating envelope, a reinforced, weather-protected base and a low-maintenance, versatile finish coat. Parex components feature unique properties to ensure the durability of the system.

Designed To Take The Challenge

EIFS is becoming the exterior of choice for high traffic areas, because some EIF systems, particularly flexible PM systems, offer improved resistance to abuse. Parex technology presents a variety of wall systems with superior durability.

Designed To Address Your Needs

The changing role of the wall demands the unique flexibility that EIFS offers, to cost-effectively design shapes, textures, and colors. With over 5,000 custom colors in six different textures, Parex matches your imagination with reliable, aesthetic finishes.

Attractive & Durable

Parex gives you infinite options to create beautiful and durable exteriors you can trust.

For more information on Parex EIFS, please visit their website where you can find technical information and details on all of the Parex systems
Click here for the Parex Color and Texture Chart
Components of an EIF System

An EIF system is the result of the assembly of various components, carefully chosen for their ultimate individual performance as well as their compatibility with each other. Each component has a function for the overall performance, durability, and appearance of your wall.

1. Attachment:

To anchor the system, adhesives are most often used. Mechanical fasteners are particulary recommended when the substrate type or condition prevents adhesion. Attachments are designed to resist wind, gravity, and the effects of thermal movement.

2. Insulation Boards:

Insulation boards are the building blocks of low-cost creative architectural shaping and details. At R-3.9 per inch, they also make EIFS one of the most energy-efficient wall systems available. Exterior insulation creates an unbroken casing, preventing thermal bridging through studs and outlets. Insulation boards allow for expansion and contraction while maintaining the integrity of the finish.

3. Base Coat:

The Base Coat creates a barrier against weather and reinforces the exterior surface against impact. It envelopes the exterior, and teamed with insulation board, greatly reduces air infiltration and thus energy consumption.

4. Reinforcing Mesh:

Parex Mesh is required on every Parex system. Balanced, open-weave glass fabric, Parex Mesh is treated against the effects of the alkali contained in cementitious Base Coats. Provides impact resistance and tensile strength.

5. Primer:

The Primer promotes adhesion and reduces the chance of efflorescence. Improves and stabilizes the color and appearance of the finish. Parex recommends Primer on most systems.

6. Finish:

A decorative finish is applied over the base coat and primer. Parex finishes are integrally colored and formulated with 100% acrylic polymers to resist UV effect. New formulations (DPR, Siliconized) provide high resistance to dirt and pollution. Color choice is virtually unlimited.

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